Monday, May 2, 2011

NFC-Based Coupons Coming To Android?

Google is reportedly working with Ingenico to develop NFC-based coupons for Android, as claimed by Ingenico CEO Phillipe Lazare. They are currently working towards pushing coupons to users while they are shopping at a particular store. This could mean a convergence of Google Places and the brand new Google Offers.

Lazare has pictured the situation as such: a user is at a store and gets a coupon pushed to them; once they reach the checkout counter, there will be an Ingenico terminal where they can tap their phone to send the coupon data. Simple as that; no emails and QR codes, just tap go on. With Google's recent partnerships with MasterCard and CitiGroup, this could be right around the corner.

According to Lazare, this isn't coming anytime soon, but is in the development phase. I'm sure we're likely to get a glimpse of this sometime within the next year, though. This is something that will prove the power of NFC, and in turn, Android.

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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